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Epic Love

What is love? Infatuation? Emotional attachment? Romantic attraction? John’s first epistle leads to an answer simple enough to delight the smallest child and deep enough to mystify the wisest philosopher: “This is love, not that we have loved God, but that He has loved us.” God’s love isn’t set upon you because you looked appealing, acted rightly, or had something to offer. God’s love is God-generated and therefore independent of you. God’s love is timeless and therefore guaranteed for you. God’s love is priceless and therefore redeeming for you. God’s love is consuming and therefore transforming of you. God’s love is perfect and therefore powerful for you. Join Pastor Alan Wright as he teaches through 1 John and journey with the elder statesman John for a life-giving, fear-banishing odyssey to the revelation of God’s love in Jesus Christ. Discover the grandeur of God’s perfect love. It’s eternal. It’s heroic. It’s epic.

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Sharing the Light exists to share the light of Jesus Christ, the New Covenant that He has fulfilled, and the kingdom that He has inaugurated, such that people experience God’s love, are set free by fresh understandings of themselves and God, and mature into heirs of deep spiritual riches in Christ so they can fulfill their destinies to change the world.

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