God Moments

God Moments CD cover

For years, readers have been nourished by Alan Wright’s timeless book, God Moments. Now, having preached fresh messages on the subject, Pastor Alan Wright invites you on a spiritual treasure hunt to uncover your God moments.

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Free Yourself, Be Yourself


Learn how the Gospel of Jesus Christ sets you free from the anxiety of performance-based living and discover how sweet grace really is. This CD album contains many of the messages from Pastor Wright's original preaching series on the Gospel's power to heal the effects of toxic shame as well as other timely messages that align with the book.

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The Power of Blessing

The Power of Blessing front cover

In the kingdom of God blessing is the fuel for our productivity, not the reward for it. Explore the dynamic power of blessing according to God’s Word. Let your heart be healed of old wounds. Change your way of interacting with others. Learn to accept blessing and reject curse. Most of all, drink in the blessing of God in Jesus Christ!

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Praying with Power


Prayer. As a Christian, you know it’s important and you want to make it a priority. But, if you’re like most, your prayer life can slip so easily into routine, lacking fervor and passion. Maybe you’re wondering, “What is the key to praying with real power?”

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Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker CD cover

Get ready to see the end of your life in a whole new way. Get ready to be filled with hope. Get ready to meet your Maker for who He really is!

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Ephesians: Who You Are in Christ


How you see yourself determines how you live. Only God can tell you who you are because He made you and He redeemed you. You’re…Forgiven. Sealed. Called. Alive, Seated with Christ. The dwelling place of God. An Heir. Rooted and grounded in love. Christ’s body. New. A child of light. The household of God. Armed for battle.

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Filled with the Holy Spirit


How marvelous to have been one of Jesus' disciples. What believer wouldn't have wanted to be one of Jesus' closest associates? Here's the glorious news! You can. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. He's the perfect Teacher, the greatest Coach, the most compassionate Comforter, the wisest Counselor. You can leave behind a life of emptiness and discover the power of a Spirit-filled life!

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God Help Us

God Help Us CD cover

In six radical messages, Pastor Alan Wright turns conventional thought upside down as he retells the astonishing story of the Master turned Servant. If you want to serve God maybe it’s time to let Him serve you like never before.

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The Body You've Always Wanted


Pastor Alan Wright’s four hope-filled messages will lead you into more than a joyous revelation of Heaven according to the scriptures; they’ll lead you into abounding hope.

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Taking the Labels Off Your Life


Take the world’s labels off your life and put on God’s new names for you. When you see yourself as God sees you, you can live the life that God has always designed for you!

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Sharing the Light exists to share the light of Jesus Christ, the New Covenant that He has fulfilled, and the kingdom that He has inaugurated, such that people experience God’s love, are set free by fresh understandings of themselves and God, and mature into heirs of deep spiritual riches in Christ so they can fulfill their destinies to change the world.

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