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Joseph: The Power of the Father’s Favor

Every child comes into the world wondering: Am I loved? Do I matter? Is there something special about me? The secular self-esteem movement that began in the sixties rightly prodded misguided parents to show affirmation to their kids. But, soon, the self-esteem message grew into another expression of humanism: Just look inside yourself – discover your own value –just believe in yourself. But the Gospel presents an altogether different, and better, plan for you to flourish. Instead of looking within to discover your worth, it is announced to you. The story of Joseph is a tale of a man who, against all odds, lived as one deeply loved. His father clothed him with a multi-colored tunic and God spoke to him in a dream. Young Joseph endured his brothers’ betrayal, slavery, and wrongful incarceration. But, because he felt the favor of his father’s favor (both on earth and in heaven), Joseph rose to the pinnacle of Egypt. Discover the secret of endurance, forgiveness and joy as you walk with Joseph, a son who knew his father’s love. In Christ, you can know the power of the Father’s favor!

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