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Meet Your Maker

The thought of seeing all your sins projected across a giant screen in front of God and your first grade teacher and your grandmother is enough to make any believer dread meeting his maker. But for the Christian, Judgement Day is the greatest day of eternity! Because of what God has done in Christ, justice is now on the Christian’s side. Judgement Day for the believer isn’t a day of shame – it’s a day of unimaginable reward. Get ready to see the end of your life in a whole new way. Get ready to be filled with hope. Get ready to meet your Maker for who He really is!

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Sharing the Light exists to share the light of Jesus Christ, the New Covenant that He has fulfilled, and the kingdom that He has inaugurated, such that people experience God’s love, are set free by fresh understandings of themselves and God, and mature into heirs of deep spiritual riches in Christ so they can fulfill their destinies to change the world.

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