My Prayer Partner [Part 2]

By Alan Wright — June 27, 2016

Are you ready for some good news?

If Christ intercedes for you and He lives in you, then you have an ongoing prayer partner in Jesus!

The secret to connecting with Jesus in prayer is to become aware of His constant advocacy for you.

My oldest brother is a lawyer who normally handles corporate law cases, but years ago he agreed to write a letter for a friend who had gotten burned on a house purchase. Mary, a single, 34-year-old woman who worked at a local crisis-assistance ministry, had saved enough to buy a small house for about $50,000. Her newfound joy of home ownership was interrupted by a disturbing letter from the city about a water runoff problem in the neighborhood. The city was going to fix the problem, but Mary had to cough up $1000.

The previous owner knew all about this problem but had hidden it from Mary at the time of sale. My brother wrote the previous owner a letter on Mary’s behalf asking him to pay $300 toward the city’s $1000 assessment. The seller refused. Baffled and perturbed, my brother filed a lawsuit asking for $3000. The seller refused. It turned into a week long trial.

I hope you’ll check out the whole story on today’s broadcast (or read about it in Lover of My Soul). You’ll find it hard to believe.  The previous owner was found to have committed a “deceptive act of commerce” and was ordered to pay $36,000 plus all the attorney’s fees. The city also decided to fix the flooding problem for free.

To intercede means to “go in between” on behalf of someone else. Christ has mediated a covenant on your behalf and He continually advocates for your position as a forgiven child of God. He advocates for blessing on your behalf because He earned you the privilege of joint-inheritance with Him.

Part of the invitation to pray is an opportunity to connect yourself with Jesus, your Heavenly lawyer. He’s pleading your case for you. All you have to do is agree with Him. That’s powerful prayer. Jesus is your prayer partner.

And that’s the Gospel!


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