The Prayer of Enlightenment [Part 2]

By Alan Wright — January 25, 2018

Are you ready for some good news?

God’s call is powerful and effective. Such knowledge is the substance of our hope in Christ.

Today’s Text: “…having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you….” (Ephesians 1:18, ESV)

Paul’s important, powerful prayer of Ephesians 1 references the hope “to which he has called you.” It’s nourishing and powerful to lay claim to the assurance that God has called you into hope.

Years ago, my daughter phoned me at the church one evening: “Daddy, Daddy, come quickly! It’s Reesie. He’s cornered a possum in the back yard and we can’t get him away. Oh Daddy, come. The possum is hissing and fighting and I’m afraid that he’s going to hurt Reesie.”

Our family beagle was in trouble so I dropped everything and raced home to find the exact scenario Abby had described. The dog was barking and growling; the possum snarling and hissing. Our little beagle was bound to get severely lacerated by the wild possum, but what to do? I thought about getting the water hose and spraying him down. I thought about trying to jump in between the two critters, but quickly ruled that out!

Before taking any other action, I told everyone to stand back, I was simply going to call the dog out of the bushes. They all rolled their eyes and complained, “We’ve been calling and calling him; he’s not coming out.”

I was undaunted.

“Reesie, come here.”

There was no movement, so I repeated, with my firmest voice: “Reesie, come!”

Remarkably, the little beagle slowly emerged from the bushes and walked toward me to everyone’s delight. I grabbed his collar and, much to the dog’s chagrin, removed him from the premises, leaving the possum to escape unscathed.

I turned to the family and, with a grin, declared simply: “I am the alpha dog.”

If a beagle comes because His master calls him, how much more powerful is God’s call to you? God’s call in Jesus Christ to you isn’t whimsical, limp or passive. He is the Creator. He is all powerful. When He calls, something happens. He’s called you to hope. I pray with Paul that you’ll know it. His call is more powerful than your own desires and it is more glorious than your finest aspiration. And that’s the Gospel!


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