If Only I Could Remember it All [Part 2]

By Alan Wright — March 08, 2018

Are you ready for some good news?

When you discover more of your God moments, you discover more gratitude. When you discover more gratitude, you find more joy!

Today’s Text:  “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,” (Psalm 103:2, ESV)

As we continue our new radio series, “God Moments,” there is an allusion today to a letter I wrote my mom years ago for Mother’s Day.  I started thinking of all the things Mom did for me that I had never thanked her for – things I’d never considered. Here’s an excerpt from my note (as quoted in God Moments):

            Dear Mom,

                        If only I could remember all you’ve done for me, I could say thank you.

            I wish I could remember what it was like for you when I was waiting to be born. I was cozy for me during those nine months… What was it like for you? I hope you weren’t prone to morning sickness. Were you? And did you get tired often? …. I wish I could remember so I could say thank you….

            How did you make room for me in the little house on Pershing Court? Did you just let me sleep in your room? Did I cry much at night? How much sleep did you get that first year of my life? Dad was doing the late weather then, wasn’t he? Did you wait up for him to get home, even though you had toddlers waking up early the next morning and me crying in the night? I wish I could remember so I could say thank you….

            How did you have time to hold me and cuddle me that first year? I figure you must have hugged me a lot, because I hug Bennett a lot. I wish I could remember what it felt like, as a baby, to fall asleep in your arms so I could say thank you for rocking me….

            Did you use cloth diapers or disposables? It seems I remember you mentioning cloth. Yikes!... How many diapers of mine did you change? Did I spit up much?... I’m glad I forgot, but I wish I could remember if I threw up on you so I could say thank you for not throwing me out….”

If I can’t remember all that my mother has done for me, how much more has God done for me that I’ve never acknowledged! What would happen if you could “not forget” all His benefits? Your heart would burst with gratitude. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you remember “all” that God has done for you. More gratitude means more joy. And that’s the Gospel!


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