Healing the Unaffirmed Soul [Part 3]

By Alan Wright — October 01, 2018

Are you ready for some good news?

You might be undeserving of God’s lavish spiritual riches, but you aren’t unworthy.

Today’s Text: “And now do not be distressed or angry with yourselves because you sold me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life.” (Genesis 45:5, ESV)

I love words because words shape the world. I like the look of words, the etymology of words and the nuances of words. Words matter. I think it was Mark Twain who said there is quite a difference between  “lightening” and a “lightening bug”! Subtle meanings mean a lot.

It is for this reason that I recoil somewhat when I hear Christians describe themselves as unworthy. “Just an unworthy sinner,” we often repeat.

But worthy finds it root in “worth.” To be unworthy is to be not worth what has been paid. But, ah, you are entirely worth what Jesus paid for you. To consider yourself unworthy of the extravagant price of the cross is to belittle the gift of Christ. To call ourselves unworthy is to deny the depth of God’s love for us. You are not “unworthy,” you are “undeserving.”

To be undeserving means to have no merit, accomplishment or personal righteousness that warrants the gift of Christ. Surely, in this sense, we are undeserving. Acknowledging that we do not deserve the gift of Christ’s cross is a powerful rebuttal of entitlement and its concurrent legalism and pride. To know that you don’t deserve a marvelous gift is to know that it is, indeed, a gift.

It means that you are an undeserving heir of God worth so much in His eyes that He died in your place!

As we’ve been learning how God heals the unaffirmed soul, today’s broadcast revisits the passion and pathos of Joseph’s grand moment of forgiveness toward his evil brothers. On that day of remarkable love and grace, Joseph’s brothers begin to change. Grace comes rushing into their otherwise unaffirmed souls. Joseph knew the absolute worst about his brothers and loved them still. They didn’t deserve his forgiveness – they deserved execution. But, in Joseph’s eyes, they were worth a share in the kingdom.

Do you want healing for an unaffirmed soul? Come into the presence of the Son of favor who was rejected by the brothers, stripped of His robe of glory, and left for dead. And there, in the presence of Jesus, where you deserve only punishment, discover His love. Discover how much you are worth. That’s how your soul is healed. And that’s the Gospel!


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