Vision from God energizes you.

By Alan Wright — April 02, 2019

Vision from God energizes you for even the hardest tasks.

Today’s Text: “Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” (Proverbs 29:18, ESV)

I remember the first time I did meaningless work.

It was a teenage summer job with the Greensboro Parks and Recreation department at the Spencer Love tennis center. I eventually worked for the tennis center itself, but for my first summer job, I was an employee of the city and there were too many of us. It was a great idea for the Parks and Recreation department to give a bunch of us teenagers jobs for the summer but there just wasn’t enough court sweeping or odd jobs to keep us busy. Later in the summer we would become very busy when we would serve as the sweat labor when they resurfaced the composition courts, but for the first part of the summer they were looking for a way to keep us busy.

Some of the materials for the court resurfacing were already on hand. The green, sand-like material that covers a composition court was piled high near the courts. So, one day we showed up for work and the supervisor gave us shovels and wheelbarrows and announced that we were going to move the pile of green sand.

We moved a huge pile of the composition material about 30 feet. No reason was given. No vision was cast. We just moved a huge, heavy pile of sandy stuff a few steps away. In the July North Carolina sun at the Spencer Love tennis courts in Greensboro, I learned what drudgery feels like. It’s work with no vision.

Fast forward to our annual family beach trip where we traditionally build massive sand pyramid structures. Over a decade ago, we met a man on the beach who had built the beautiful, symmetrical pyramids and who was willing to teach us his craft. It requires trowels and angling tools. It also involves a lot of digging. It requires us to move a lot of sand in the North Carolina summer sun. But we do it for fun because we have a vision.

If all I’m doing is moving a pile of green composition for no reason, I can’t get motivated; but if I’m constructing a replica of an ancient Egyptian pyramid on the beach, I’ll sweat in the summer sun with a smile.

When you see God’s vision for your life, you find joy even in the hard tasks because you know your life has a divine purpose. God has made you for His purposes. He never gives you busy work. Whether the task is big or small, when God calls you He energizes you with His vision. And that’s the Gospel!


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