The right word can change a life!

By Alan Wright — April 05, 2019

The right word can change a life.

Text: “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” (Proverbs 25:11, ESV)

What if you discovered a bag of tools that could do miraculous things? What if you found a set of tools that could calm an angry person, heal a wounded heart, mend a broken relationship, facilitate prosperity, and position you for favor in this world? Wouldn’t you give almost anything for such a tool set? Imagine further: anyone can learn to use the tools and they’ll never wear out.

God has given you those tools; they are called words.

God created the world with words. As His image bearer in this world, your words also help shape the world around you. Language is part of what makes us truly human.

Without sight or sound, Helen Keller not only experienced profound isolation but, until she discovered language, she said she didn’t really know what it is to be human. She wrote about this inward awakening:

For nearly six years I had no concept of nature or mind or death or God. I literally thought with my body …. Then, suddenly … I awoke to language, to knowledge of love, to the usual concepts of nature, of good and evil! I was actually lifted from nothingness to human life.”

God has entrusted us with the power of words to shape others’ lives.

Mohammed Qahtani, won the 2015 Toastmasters International with his speech, “The Power of Words.” He illustrated his thesis by telling of the time his four-year-old son drew on the living room walls with crayon. Exasperated, the father said to the boy, “Hey – what are you doing? Are you stupid?” The little boy did it again. A week later, the little boy was in his room drawing on the walls, gleaming at his father just to spite him. So Qahtani knelt to one knee, looked his boy in the eyes and said, “Son, you’re a big boy now. Don’t write on the walls anymore.” The child never did it again.

A word fitly spoken is more precious than gold and silver. And that’s the Gospel!


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