Spiritual Gifts: Are They Available Today?

By Alan Wright — August 12, 2019

The gifts of the Spirit are for today and for every believer!

Here’s a brief description of the list of gifts in Romans 12:

Prophecy:  The forthtelling of God’s word in a particular situation. Though sometimes confused with good preaching or forecasting the future, prophecy is, more precisely, God giving a specific word to a person or group via an individual.  Prophecy in the New Covenant is not considered infallible (like what was given to the inspired writers of the scripture). Prophecy is not given to replace the believer’s own witness of the Spirit but is given to build faith by encouraging, comforting and strengthening.

Service (Helps):  The Spirit-given ability to serve in any supporting role with joy and diligence. Persons with the gift of helps love to release other workers in their spiritual ministries by lending a hand in concrete tasks of ministries. The gift of helps is usually accompanied by deep love for people, perseverance in trying circumstances, and supernatural energy for the challenge at hand.

Teaching:  The supernatural ability to explain clearly and apply effectively the truth of the Word of God. Though talented, well-educated instructors may make fine teachers, persons with the gift of teaching have unique power to bless and advance their students in spiritual ways.

Exhorting:  Not the stereotyped thunderous rebuke or pointing of fingers, the gift comes from the same root word that Jesus used of the Holy Spirit (Paraclete) often translated “comforter” or “counselor.” It is, literally, someone who supernaturally comes alongside another for the purposes of strengthening, challenging and encouraging.

Giving:  While all Christians are called to excel in giving, the spiritual gift of generosity brings an individual a supernatural ability to give above and beyond normal biblical standards with freedom and delight. Persons with this gift get excited about any possible opportunity to give for the cause of Christ and often are gladly willing to make deep sacrifices in their own comfort so that others will be blessed.  

Leading (Ruling): The Spirit-empowered capacity to lead God’s people successfully while keeping a servant’s heart. Persons with this gift of leadership usually have supernatural wisdom seeing programmatic and administrative solutions that help the church flourish.  

Showing Mercy: The God-given ability to have special compassion and give comfort in a way that is beyond the normal empathy all Christians have been given. Persons with the gift of mercy may literally feel what others are feeling, often are beckoned to deep intercession, and experience amazing love for people.

The gifts are for today. The gifts are for every Christian. And that’s the Gospel!


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