• Boldness and Humility, Part 2

    By Alan Wright — August 26, 2019

    Only the Gospel enables you to be both bold and humble at the same time.

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  • Boldness vs. Humility

    By Alan Wright — August 23, 2019

    Every other expression of human worth either leads to pride or to shame. But, in Christ, we have the perfect balance of boldness and humility.

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  • A Jealous God

    By Alan Wright — August 22, 2019

    God is jealous not because He’s small-minded but because He loves you so passionately.

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  • Forgiveness is Never Free

    By Alan Wright — August 21, 2019

    The forgiveness of God is sure for all who are in Christ but it is most certainly not free. If it costs something dear for a husband to forgive an unfaithful wife, it cost God something infinite to forgive you – the price of His only begotten Son.

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  • Don't Stunt Your Growth

    By Alan Wright — August 20, 2019

    If you have only the Spirit or only the Word, your spiritual growth will always be stunted; but when you have Spirit and Word, you grow into a spiritual giant.

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  • All About Balance

    By Alan Wright — August 19, 2019

    You are invited to celebrate and contemplate.

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  • Approaching God

    By Alan Wright — August 16, 2019

    God doesn’t display His strength toward His children to terrorize them; He exerts His strength on their behalf. He is your Father.

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  • Awe and Intimacy

    By Alan Wright — August 15, 2019

    When our definition of love equals “being nice,” we have no room for the aspect of love that is holy and jealous and hates what is evil.

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  • Clarity and Creativity

    By Alan Wright — August 14, 2019

    When you are nervous, insecure, worried or frightened, your intellect doesn’t function very well.

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  • Spirit and Intellect

    By Alan Wright — August 13, 2019

    When you realize that the Holy Spirit doesn’t shut off the mind but, instead, brings clarity to the intellect, you can surrender to Him without fear.

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  • Spiritual Gifts: Are They Available Today?

    By Alan Wright — August 12, 2019

    The gifts are for today. The gifts are for every Christian.

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  • Spiritual Farmers

    By Alan Wright — August 09, 2019

    God has designed you to be a spiritual farmer. You get to contribute every day to the ultimate fruit of your life through what you sow spiritually.

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  • The Love and Power of God

    By Alan Wright — August 08, 2019

    The gifts of the Spirit aren’t skills that a Christian acquires.

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  • You Can Do What Jesus Did

    By Alan Wright — August 06, 2019

    God hasn’t just given you His Word to instruct you; He has also given you His Spirit to empower you.

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  • Finding the Middle

    By Alan Wright — August 06, 2019

    The privilege and the power granted to every growing Christian is a life of balance that embraces both Word and Spirit.

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  • Word and Spirit

    By Alan Wright — August 05, 2019

    God has never intended any separation between Word and Spirit. God’s Word is full of His Spirit and His Spirit always confirms His Word.

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  • Opposites Attract

    By Alan Wright — August 02, 2019

    Your life in Christ flourishes through a dynamic balance of seemingly opposite truths.

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  • Finding Your Balance

    By Alan Wright — August 01, 2019

    In order to stay balanced, you don’t have to narrow your personality, experiences and emotions; you’ll actually be more balanced by broadening your reach.

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  • You Are Holy

    By Alan Wright — July 31, 2019

    In Christ, you are holy. If you choose to do something unholy, you run contrary to your new nature, but you do not cease to be holy.

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  • From Law to Gospel

    By Alan Wright — July 30, 2019

    The Gospel makes clear that holiness is not something that you accomplish. It’s something that is accomplished for you.

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