• Finding the Middle

    By Alan Wright — August 06, 2019

    The privilege and the power granted to every growing Christian is a life of balance that embraces both Word and Spirit.

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  • Word and Spirit

    By Alan Wright — August 05, 2019

    God has never intended any separation between Word and Spirit. God’s Word is full of His Spirit and His Spirit always confirms His Word.

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  • Opposites Attract

    By Alan Wright — August 02, 2019

    Your life in Christ flourishes through a dynamic balance of seemingly opposite truths.

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  • Finding Your Balance

    By Alan Wright — August 01, 2019

    In order to stay balanced, you don’t have to narrow your personality, experiences and emotions; you’ll actually be more balanced by broadening your reach.

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  • You Are Holy

    By Alan Wright — July 31, 2019

    In Christ, you are holy. If you choose to do something unholy, you run contrary to your new nature, but you do not cease to be holy.

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  • From Law to Gospel

    By Alan Wright — July 30, 2019

    The Gospel makes clear that holiness is not something that you accomplish. It’s something that is accomplished for you.

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  • Pure Grace

    By Alan Wright — July 29, 2019

    When the Gospel is infected with even a little bit of law, it contaminates the whole of it.

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  • Confidence in Christ

    By Alan Wright — July 26, 2019

    Peter, like others on that Pentecost day, was filled with the Spirit of revelation and truth. As the Holy Spirit flooded into his heart, Peter saw what he hadn’t seen before. He saw the beauty and wonder of the Gospel.

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  • Confidence in the Spirit

    By Alan Wright — July 25, 2019

    When the Spirit moves, life’s meaning becomes clear. Today’s Text: “For these people are not drunk, as you suppose, since it is only the third hour of the day. But this is what was uttered through the prophet Joel:” (Acts 2:15–16, ESV)

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  • You are still loved. No matter what.

    By Alan Wright — July 24, 2019

    You are still loved. No matter what. No matter how bad. No matter how often. You are still loved. If Jesus wanted to be with the man who wickedly denied Him three times, you can be sure He wants to be with you.

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  • ...and Peter

    By Alan Wright — July 23, 2019

    No matter the depths of your failures, Jesus wants to be with you.

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  • Trusting God

    By Alan Wright — July 22, 2019

    Though your promises to God don’t change you, God’s promises to you change everything.

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  • Keeping a Promise

    By Alan Wright — July 19, 2019

    The reason our vows to God don’t work is the same reason the law holds no power. The law is good and righteous but does not equip anyone with real power for godly living. Thus the law condemns, because with no Savior, we are guilty under the written code.

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  • Servant of All

    By Alan Wright — July 18, 2019

    We resist the notion of Jesus serving us because we know that we don’t deserve it.

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  • From Resistant to Receptive

    By Alan Wright — July 17, 2019

    We, like Peter, must make a move that defies logic. We must let ourselves be served by Jesus.

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  • All You Need

    By Alan Wright — July 16, 2019

    After the Lord comforted the terrified disciples, they lifted up their eyes and “saw no one but Jesus only.” Jesus only. The only answer. The only way. The only hope.

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  • From Distraction to Hope

    By Alan Wright — July 15, 2019

    When Jesus appears to you in glory, make no religious structure to contain Him or define Him. Take Him as He is, the King of Glory.

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  • The Divine Agenda

    By Alan Wright — July 12, 2019

    What made Jesus most mad was Satan’s brazen attempt to keep Him from the cross. Which means Jesus was most mad when tempted to not save you.

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  • The End of Self-Agenda

    By Alan Wright — July 11, 2019

    When Jesus heard Peter tempting Him to avoid the cross, He remembered the devil in the wilderness. He looked at Peter, but He spoke to the devil.

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  • From Fear to Faith

    By Alan Wright — July 10, 2019

    Little faith is still real faith! If Jesus calls you a “Little Faith One,” He’s acknowledging that you have some faith. Elsewhere, He assures that even a mustard seed of faith is powerful enough to move mountains.

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